So it begins . . .

Here it is, more than six months after we first discussed the need for our firm to start a blog, I present the Blitz Blawg.  Today we step it up.  Our contribution to the world of legal commentary is evolving – from the ongoing Facebook parade of articles accompanied by one-liner rants against the drug war, police misconduct, and prosecutorial over-zealotry – to full original multi-paragraph rants against the drug war, police misconduct, and prosecutorial over-zealotry.

In addition to the ranting (if we have time left over), it is also our intention to provide information about changes in criminal law and procedure in Virginia, D.C., and the greater United States.  But at least in my case, the ranting will always come first.

This post has no particular topic, but is rather a hello from me to anyone who chooses to read my and my colleagues’ stuff as we foray into the wonderful wide world of the blogs.  True to our firm name, I intend to be aggressive, brutal and fearless in this endeavor, but I will at least try to watch my language in case you want to share this with the kids.

I’m almost finished with this introductory post, but it wouldn’t feel right unless I at least link to an article condemning the policy disaster that is the “War on Drugs”.  This is from Jimmy Carter in today’s New York Times.

By the way, today is the American Drug War’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Drug War!  I hope it’s your last and that your death is more peaceful than your life has been.

To our future readers, welcome, and thanks for reading.


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