What this blog is NOT

An article in my RSS feed today reminded me exactly what I do NOT want this blog to be.

  • I do not want our articles to be advertising material, thinly veiled by minute amounts of information about our firm’s practice areas.
  • I do not want our articles to be strings of SEO-friendly terms useful only for driving traffic to our website.
  • I do not want this blog to contain self-congratulations for good results we obtained for our clients (but can in no way promise you, the potential future client, because as the small print and fast-talker-guys on TV have warned you, past awards are not indicators of future results and in the law, there ain’t no freakin guarantees.)

Hell, I don’t even want these things from our website, where the advertisements are meant to be advertisements and the information is hopefully useful information.

I have yet  to find much in the way of local-ish legal blogs that do anything other than what I do not want from our blog (and do not want to waste my time reading on someone else’s.)  If anyone knows of anything good out there, please let me know.

A word now about what I do want from this blog:

♦   I want to provide information and (probably too much) opinion about the legal world around us, especially as concerns our particular geographic area and the constant battle against injustice that is criminal defense in Northern Virginia.

♦  I want to be informative and at least somewhat entertaining.  Otherwise, why would anyone read this?

♦  I want to continue to build a name for our firm, based not on our marketing skills and dollars, but on what we have to offer.  (Here, knowledge and stuff).

♥  I WANT ATTENTION.  MY VOICE (words) SHALL BE HEARD (read).   That one probably should have gone first.  I like to be noticed.

So here you have, in an article about the substance I hope to provide in this blog, an article with little to no substance.  Whatever.  I do what I want.


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