Judge not lest ye be judged

I was about to go to sleep and noticed this on MSNBC.  After almost a week of searching, authorities found the body of a missing 5th grade girl in a river near her home in New Hampshire.  Most of the news outlets, surprisingly including Nancy Grace’s blog, seem to be holding back the guesswork and conjecture at this early juncture, but the interweb commentariat have already gone to work.

The MSNBC story contains very little detail and draws no conclusions, but it does say that the case is being treated as a criminal investigation.  The story also mentions, as the network had discussed earlier in the day, that the girl’s stepfather, who suffers from mental illness had displayed some odd behavior as the search stretched on.  Luckily the supersleuths on the interweb have already solved the mystery.  “The stepfather did it.  Guaranteed.”  “How DARE that mother bring a man into that house to live with her and young daughter when he has a history of violence and MENTAL ILLNESS?!!!!! What the hell was she thinking?”

And although Nancy Grace and the rest of the media’s “legal commentator” ignorati have so far exhibited a touch of restraint, it will take them only a matter of hours to taint the entire jury pool for any potential trial of any potential defendant at any potential date in the future, once the police have a suspect in mind.

For the small number who read this, do the world around us a favor, with regard to this and all criminal type issues in the news:  try to ignore the evil preachings spewed by Nancy’s Church of the Almighty Vengeance of the Ignorant and her congregation of angry-blog-commenter spawn.  Maybe even help spread the word:   listening to, believing, propagating or in any other way aiding the proliferation of this crazy-lynch-mob-generating hype tends to stunt the collective intelligence and continued evolution of our society and disserves the criminal justice system that our founders designed to protect us all not only from the unparalleled power of the government but also from the tyranny of mob mentality.

As for this newest tragic case, until evidence reveals anything to the contrary, a man with a history of serious mental illness (which places him in the company of almost 1 in 20 of us according to the NIMH) lost his step-daughter.  So try to show and share a little compassion and save the conclusion jumping for a later time when there might be some ground to jump off.


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