I didn’t know Troy Davis. In all likelihood, neither did you.

I also didn’t know the facts of his case. But again, neither did you.

And neither did the Georgia jury that convicted him and sentenced him to death.

I was having dinner with friends earlier when I rejoiced at a news scroll that gave me, in my eternal optimism and without audible commentary, the impression that SCOTUS had granted a stay to keep Troy Davis alive at least long enough for a non-southern-prosecutor-compiled-panel to consider the very strong evidence that he was probably not guilty. Being a person inexplicably subject to said optimism, I actually believed it was likely that the Supreme Court, the final arbiter of fairness and “justice” in this country, would at least take another minute out of their very busy schedule to look at the case to determine whether they would just hear argument as to whether Georgia had a reasonable basis upon which to justify this taking of human life.

I was wrong.

I have yet to write anything via this blog about the perpetual travesty that is America’s current capital punishment regime. And I won’t really expound on it now, mostly because I was (due to the aforementioned optimism and poorly worded news scroll) caught off guard and am currently somewhat crushed.

I can only hope that Troy’s story, and the countless other cases that have slipped through our justice system to allow state-sanctioned murder of people who are not guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, will someday alter the political landscape and effect change that will make this shit stop.

But for now, I am disgusted and disheartened.

And my optimism, that allowed me to misread that news ticker during dinner, has died a little.

This is bullshit justice.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: This p0st was, as any unplanned reaction to tragedy tends to be, factually incorrect (not to mention fairly poorly written). The Supreme Court did take a minute to think about Troy’s case. In fact, they took like four hours, while Mr. Davis was strapped to a gurney awaiting his death, to unanimously come up with a single sentence that allowed Georgia to go ahead and kill him. Regardless, it’s still bullshit.


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