My New Show Idea: The Wire – Northern Virginia

For those who are sitting in front of your computers anxiously awaiting my recap of the GPS oral arguments at SCOTUS today, this is not it. (Also, you should find more productive stuff to do with your time.) I didn’t go to argument this morning, but I will give them a listen when they post on Friday and share some thoughts with you then.

For today, to make it up to you, I bring you a fascinating tale of suburban crime-fighting that took a hardened criminal off the streets.

From the Washington Examiner:

A Fairfax woman has been charged with selling synthetic marijuana to George Mason University students.

Fairfax County police said 59-year-old Un Lahr was arrested after authorities received an anonymous tip that she was selling the synthetic pot, commonly known as K2 or spice, to George Mason University students at Lee’s Market.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell signed a bill in March outlawing the manufacture, possession and distribution of synthetic marijuana products.

Police said Lahr would only sell the substances to those who presented a college identification card. An undercover officer made several purchases, police said.

Police said search warrants executed at the market and her two homes yielded $20,000 worth of synthetic marijuana.

"I want my corners."

I don’t know about you, but I’ll certainly feel safer in Fairfax now that college students are no longer being sold dangerous intoxicants. (Except of course for the one that causes this. But the Fairfax police are totally solving that problem, too, with another genius law enforcement solution, highly effective DUI checkpoints. Having 18 officers violate the rights of 893 drivers to arrest one person for DUI is efficient, right? But I digress.)

Kudos to McDonnell for his “emergency” legislation that began prohibiting fake pot in March of this year. Also, props to the Fairfax police for this daring undercover operation that busted a woman selling stuff over the counter from her retail establishment — a feat of law enforcement that no doubt rivaled in badassness the operation that took down Avon Barksdale.

If only this guy had been slashing asses from his own retail shop, a similarly masterminded operation might have taken him down. But you can’t expect to catch ‘em all I suppose.

At least the gov and the Fairfax police kept this particular evildoer from distributing massive amounts of a substance that you can assume is dangerous because they say it is.

I am sure Fairfaxians will all sleep a little better now.


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